It's been a long journey, but the transformation has made every twist and turn worth it in spades. Core Strength Vinyasa & Yoga Shred by Sadie Nardini, along with Tristan Gatto's Spinal Reset and dedicated physical therapy during my stages of acute injury, saved my yoga practice, my musical career, and quite possibly my life. And now I am a certified trainer in all of these styles so that YOUnison can help you to transform too!


"Absolutely amazing introduction into yoga! I felt extremely relaxed and loosened up after each session I've done with (Kai). More than happy to recommend this to anyone who is looking to get into yoga, or anyone who is looking for a great yoga experience!"

- Luke Milstead, Columbia





"Besides the awesome instruction, teaching, and motivation that occurs during class, YOUnison classes are DEFINITELY a beautiful marriage of yoga and music. The Yoga Shred&Flow classes are amazing! I've never quite experienced a yoga class like this... I'm usually bored in a yoga class, and HIIT seems too intense for a daily workout (for me)... Kai's classes are truly a union of yoga and cardio that is both engaging AND relaxing... The added touch of her playing the viola during "cool down" is an experience unlike any that I've had in ANY exercise class. The literal vibration of the strings is so powerful, and adds an extra dimension to the shared time together that must be experienced live. Unforgettable experience!"


- Laurena White, Columbia Obstetritian

AND REMEMBER...transformation doesn't stop when you've reached your goal, nor is it some far off notion for the future. Transformation happens every single day, every single breath we take. Today you are an entirely different YOU than yesterday, and wherever you are on your journey be proud of the growth, be proud of the transformation, TAKE A PICTURE and revel in the amazing being that you are. True transformation is the sum of a million little victories.


I can't wait to see YOUR transformation story, and guess what...IT STARTS RIGHT NOW!

Transformations And Testimonials