Breathe, Create, and Vibrate Together in YOUnison


YOUnison Y&Ms mission is to bring people together to heal with the power of yoga, music, and holistic/intuitive nutrition. YOUnison Yoga & Music is an innovative, anatomically-optimized yoga program uniting yoga (core strength vinyasa-inspired yoga, yoga+HIIT, restorative/therapeutic yoga) and VIOL Vibrational Therapy (specifically tailored, acoustic improvisational music) to invigorate and nourish a more profound sense of health and wellness stemming from deep core self alignment. YOUnison Y&M strives to inspire change, communication, and meaningful connections across diverse communities and is for EVERY BODY, young, old, thick, thin, fragile, firm...your body is built for this.


YOUnison's LEVELS TO HEALTH offer options for wherever you are, making sure there is a place on the mat for everyone. AND the Yoga Shreds maximize results in half the time! Yoga and music connect all parts of the mind, body, and spirit, helping these facets of the self to vibrate with everything and everyone. When we are holistically nourished, the body sheds everything holding it down, letting us step into our deepest authenticity and shine brightly from the inside out. 


Fall in love with your inner artist, let go and go deeper. YOUnison community classes often incorporate LIVE VIOL-Vibrational Therapy (VVT) for an extra deep layer of release you won’t find anywhere else; and all will integrate some form of therapeutic sound


Together we’re changing the world, building communities, and learning to make beautiful music together, one breath at a time.


You & Me

The Y&M in YOUnison Y&M not only stands for the symbiosis between yoga and music, it represents YOU & ME, all of us, vibrating together in our deepest authenticity. YOUnison Y&M is a global movement for change from the inside out that builds meaningful connections through the power and beauty of Y&M. When we can embrace and love ourselves, we can embrace and love others; and it spreads exponentially. 


When we vibrate together in YOUnison YOU&ME our frequencies merge with the realization that we are ONE. 


SEVA, the yogic practice of selfless service and giving back to others, is an integral part of YOUnison and its mission to connect and enrich the lives of all of us together. In this spirit, 5% of YOUnison’s earnings will go to a charity that also aims to lift up our most vulnerable. When you take the time to care for yourself, now you can give the gift of health to someone else!


As the concept of YOUnison Yoga and Music by Kai and its three limbs of wholeness developed, I envisioned a  reconciliation with the self and its preconceptions, gazing over the imaginary walls constructed around ourselves to connect with an “other”. When we all vibrate together, we can shed perceptions of our differences and celebrate the many places we resonate on the same frequency, if we give ourselves the chance to go deeper within ourselves to heal.


Get excited about NEXT LEVEL MINDFULNESS, embrace the beauty that lies within, and look into some else’s eyes to find that same beauty staring back. YOU and ME. Together. 


Yoga & Music



YOUnison Y&M Lives  

Kaila “Kai” Potts is a musician on a mission to bring people together holistically to build meaningful connections, while breathing, creating, and vibrating with the power of yoga & music, you & me.  She's also a mom, professional musician, and "next level yoga"teacher and enthusiast in the business of empowering people through yoga, music, and vibration with themselves and others, together in YOUnison. We have so much power when we work, learn, and play togerher, and Kai is determined to offer as many tools as possible to help us all travel closer to our center through our deepest core. This is a culmination of a whole life of helping others connect to a deeper part of themselves, whether performing on a stage or teaching yoga inthe grass at a tour bus stop. And since this venture really is KAI, through and through, YOUnison Yoga and Music is the best way to re-introduce herself and her life's mission! She is elated to be here to inspire and be inspired by all of your FIERCENESS! 


As the founder of YOUnison Y&M by Kai, and a multifaceted professional violist trained and certified in multiple yoga styles, Kai seeks to create opportunities for all to experience and explore the synergy between yogic and musical practice to build a strong, stable, foundation from the inside out, rooted in sound body mechanics and intuitive nutrition. Together we can harness the power of the breath, engage in interactive and introspective activities designed to encourage dialogue and ignite artistry, creativity, and serenity in everyday life, and discover a more profound sense of health and wellness stemming from aligning all parts of the self from its deepest core and purest authenticity. A YOUnison Y&M class reflects a combination of musical and vibrational awareness, and a synergy of anatomically and biomechanically optimized yoga styles (including Yoga Shred, Core Strength Vinyasa, Restorative, and Therapeutic) that submerge the practitioner into a state of “within-ness” that heals and resonates throughout the body. Here we work smarter and safer, not harder, so that we can practice yoga and perform music for a lifetime.


Kai has shared the world stage with performers from Celine Dion to Itzhak Pearlman, worked extensively in tv, film, the recording industry, and performed and toured with classical orchestras worldwide. After a lifetime of performance and over a decade on the mat, Kaila can’t wait to share the symbiosis of her two greatest passions with the community. Music heals the soul, yoga feeds the body, both invigorate the spirit! Let’s meet on the mat to breathe deeper and Vibrate Together in YOUnison!


RYT-200 Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Shred™️ Certified

Core Strength Vinyasa Trained


Meet Our Founder:

Kaila “Kai” Potts-Smith